Bad Luck Spells: Powerful Magic Chants to Cast

Bad Luck spells can be quite powerful and effective .

Attraction spells can be used for any number of things. Attracting love, money, inspiration, good luck, and of course, bad luck.

Bad Luck spells fall under the category of curses, which most of the witchcraft community will tell you is a big no-no.

Well, most of the witchcraft community follows the teachings of Wicca, and adhere to that specific list of strict rules and guidelines. If you aren’t Wiccan, have I got good news for you. Curse all you want!

Curses are not inherently bad, anyway.

As articulated in other articles, if Warding is a witch’s shield, then Cursing would be considered a witch’s sword.

Magic itself is neither good nor bad, it is just a tool.

All this being said, it is pretty important to evaluate your motives before performing a curse or a bad luck spell for enemies.

Are you doing it to prevent something else bad happening? Or are you doing it just out of spite? You’ll have better results if you have a legitimate, more concrete reason, for doing such a thing.

How to Cast Spells for Bad Luck

There are a lot of different methods for casting bad luck on a person, especially on an enemy.

The easiest is probably a poppet spell.

Bad Luck Spells

  • You can use a simple poppet made of felt and stuff it with a broken mirror and a paper that has someone’s full name written on it.
  • Then, just keep the poppet in a dark place, or in a jar of aspirin water.

Like I said, super simple, right?

A poppet can be used for any number of different kinds of spells, not only bad luck, or curses.

  • For a curse that will give the subject headaches, fill the head cavity of the poppet with gravel.
  • To make them disgusted with themselves, fill it with gutter mud.
  • To make them experience shame and burning, use cayenne pepper.

The list of combination of ingredients is limitless!

I personally really love poppet curses and spells because of how much potential there is. I use them for curses, for glamours, for luck, for wishes, the list goes on and on.

Easy Bad Luck Spell

Another easy way that work to cast bad luck on a person is to chant the spell out loud when you’re in the same room as them.

Quietly, of course, so they don’t suspect anything. Even just mouthing the words would work.

‘Violent by day, Violent by night, bad luck will surely give them a fright.’

Easy Bad Luck Spell

Three times is the usual amount of repetition for a chant.

You could easily make up your own chant to specify exactly what you would like to take place.

Rhyming isn’t mandatory but It helps give the words more power if they flow properly. So, just take that into consideration.

Your Energy is Powerful to Cast Bad Luck Spells

Perhaps one of my favorite ways to cast misfortune, or bad luck, on a person is just simply by using my own energy.

You can use it by raising it and hurling it at the person with unstoppable force and speed, or you can use a steady flow to charge a personal item of theirs to cause them to have a string of bad luck.

Talismans and charms that they will always be wearing, such as jewelry, is a good target for this and is very useful because it is the last thing that they would expect to be the cause of their change of luck.

Bad Luck Spell on a Gift

Another take on this kind of bad luck cursing would be the Curse Gift.

Bad Luck Spell on a Gift

Where you purchase something that they really want, or would be sure to keep for a long time, and send it to them anomalously after charging it with your intentions or casting your enchantment on it.

Bad Luck Spells Using Candles

Perhaps the most common kind of attraction spell is the candle spell. This can be modified to attract bad luck by simply using a black candle and charging it with intention and energy to cause misfortune.

  1. You just carve the full name of your subject into the candle.
  2. Burn it down.
  3. Bury the leftover wax in the yard of your subject (or at a crossroads).

Bad Luck Spells Using Candles

A different take on a candle bad luck spell would be:

  1. Burn the black candle.
  2. Then write the full name of your subject.
  3. Light the paper on the candle’s flame and let it burn.
  4. Then, bury the ashes in your subject yard or sneak the ashes into your subject’s backpack, purse, or belongings.

Again, it’s important to remember not to cast any spell lightly.

While I will never discourage cursing or the use of volatile emotions in spell casting, I do think that it is pretty important to take a step back and make sure that what you are doing is what you really want.

I don’t believe in the threefold law, or the law of return, or anything like that. But I do believe that one should never cast a curse lightly, or for a petty reason.

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