2 Black Magic Love Spells That Work

Some witches look for black magic love spells that work fast, or ‘dark’ magick that really work.

However, lot of witches seem to be vehemently against ‘black’ or ‘dark’ magic, and in a sense, I have to agree with them.

Calling baneful magic ‘black’ or ‘dark’ is actually inherently racist, as most ‘dark’ magic draws inspiration and roots from Hoodoo and African magic.

When we get down to it, baneful magic is basically magic that focuses on an attack strategy, an offensive strategy, rather an a defensive or protection strategy, which is what most witches lean towards.

Other Terms to Use Instead of Black Magic Love Spells

Popular phrases for this kind of magic is ‘chaos witchcraft’ and ‘baneful magic’, which do not have any racially charged roots and don’t necessarily draw distinct ties from the magical practices of minority groups.

Witchcraft, like medicine, is a practice.

And therefore it has the potential to harm or heal. It is not inherently good or evil.

real black magic spells

An example I like to use is that a love spell can be used with bad intentions and a curse could be used with good intentions.

The magic itself is neither black nor white, dark nor light. It is the intentions of the user that are good or bad.

So, that’s just something interesting to keep in mind as we go on.

2 Black Magic Love Spells Rituals

I’m going to introduce some pretty complicated chaotic-styled love rituals.

They have some ingredients that are volatile and difficult to control, but don’t worry, I have faith in you!

This first one is a poppet spell.

Black Magic Love Spells Rituals

Poppet magic can be used for a number of reasons, such as self love, confidence, good luck, curses, glamour, and of course, romantic love.

As I said before, the ingredients in this one can get a bit convoluted. I promise that they are necessary, powerful, and make this spell a hundred times more effective and strong.

Menstrual blood is extremely potent and has the power to bind a lover to someone for a very long time.

Sexual fluids is equally powerful and has the power to awake and arouse desires.

 Ingredients and Supplies needed:

  • A dollar store fashion/barbie style doll
  • Red glitter
  • Small paper hearts or confetti
  • Sharpie
  • Rose petals
  • Paper
  • Menstrual blood or sexual fluids
  • Scissors (optional)

doll for spell's ritual

Instructions for Ritual 1:

  1. Take your fashion doll and use the scissors to cut its hair and the sharpie to color its hair and alter its appearance if needed to match the appearance of your subject.
  2. Pop the doll’s head off and stuff it with glitter and paper hearts/confetti.
  3. If you can, stuff rose petals and hearts into the torso cavity of the doll as well.
  4. Write your full name and your subject’s full name on the piece of paper and place it inside the torso. Remember to envision them falling in love with you, their insides filling with positive emotions towards you.
  5. Dab the blood or fluids on all four corners of the paper and put the doll back together.
  6. Say your subject’s full name and what you want them to do four times.
  7. On the outside of the doll, write your subjects full name, how old they are, what their dreams are and occupation is, etc. This is just to better help identify the person that the poppet is to represent.
  8. On the doll’s back, write what you would like to happen to/with the person and how it involves you.
  9. When done, imagine a pink glowing light leaving your heart, traveling down to your hands and flowing out of your palms into the doll, charging it with your intentions and energy. This activates the poppet’s magic.
  10. Put the doll somewhere safe, preferably under your bed, maybe in a shoe box.

Black Magic Love Spell Ritual Using Herbs

This 2d spell is very simple but very potent.

Ingredients and Supplies needed for full moon spells

It is a binding spell, and can be used not only for romantic purposes, but also to strengthen the bonds of a platonic relationship or a familial relationship.

I call it the ‘Red Thread of Fate’ spell.

Ingredients and Supplies needed:

  • Red Embroidery Thread
  • Small bowl
  • Full Moon Water
  • Lavender
  • Rose Petals
  • Rosemary
  • Blood or Graveyard Dirt (for extra oomph)

Instructions for 2d Black Magic Love Spell:

  1. Take your thread and cut it to make two pieces bit enough to tie around a wrist or an important possession.
  2. In your bowl, mix the herbs, the full moon water and the blood or graveyard dirt.
  3. Stir the water counterclockwise four times and think of four negative things you want to banish from the relationship.
  4. Stir the water clockwise four times and think of four positive things you want to add to the relationship.
  5. Soak the threads in the mixture for four minutes. Charge the water and the threads with your intentions to bind the two wearers of the threads to one another.
  6. Take your threads and once they are dry, tie one around either your wrist or a close personal item that belongs to you or that you made.
  7. Tie the other thread around a close personal item of your subject, or if you can get them to wear it around their wrist, that would work too.
  8. Bring the leftover water mixture to a crossroads and throw it over your left shoulder. Leave and don’t look back.

blood for spells and rituals

The use of bodily fluids in magic dates back thousands of years, to Ancient Egypt, and is not something new.

Just remember to be safe when harvesting and handling such ingredients.

I hope this was educational!

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