Break Up Spells That Work With Pictures and Lemon

Break Up Spells are not something I like to perform. When someone asks me ‘Hey, I want to break this couple up, what kind of spell should I use?’ it sets off a huge red flag for me.

It tells me that they either

  • a) do not care about the feelings, free will or consent of the people they are trying to break up or
  • b) one of the two people in the intended couple are being abused but cannot get out of the relationship via traditional means.

Break Up Spells: Thoughts to Consider

Breaking a couple up is tricky business, and when you add in magic, it becomes kind of a complicated nightmare.

Break up spells that work are hard to come by and they rarely work because usually they are performed with a very selfish or bad intention.

Break Up Spells

However, in the sadly very common case of the B scenario, where one member of the relationship is being abused and cannot escape, a powerful break up spell is not only possible but also necessary.

This is because you are performing a spell for the good of another person, which automatically gives the spell more power and strength because it has a strong and justified foundation.

Break Up Spells Using Pictures

The following break up spell is for the approved scenario I mentioned in the above paragraph: someone you know and care about is in an abusive relationship and needs out but cannot manage it in a conventional way.

For this you will need a few supplies.

The intention should be that you want their relationship to end with a clean break up and both to go their separate ways, no harm done.

Ingredients and Supplies needed for a break up spell:

  • A picture of the couple together
  • A black candle
  • Two separate photos of each individual in the relationship
  • A pair of scissors
  • New Moon Water
  • A red thread

Break Up Spells Using Pictures


  1. Light your candle to formally begin the spell.
  2. Take the separate photos, writing the full name of the respective halves of the relationship on the back of the pictures and tie them together with the red thread.
  3. Hold the photo of the couple together over the flame of the candle. Let it burn while saying this break up spells chant (you can repeat it 3 times, or just say it once)
‘Abuser be gone, this relationship is done.’
  1. Toss the ashes into a bowl or something to use later.
  2. Now, take the scissors and dip them into the new moon water.
  3. Use the scissors to cut the red thread connecting the separate photos.
  4. Toss the thread onto the candles flame, too.
  5. Dip your fingers into the new moon water and smear it over the victim in the relationship, while smearing the ashes over the photo of the abuser.
  6. You can toss the photo of the abuser into the fire, too, if you want.
  7. Store the photo of the victim somewhere safe.
  8. Take the remaining ashes to a crossroads and toss them over your left shoulder. Leave and don’t look back.

Break Up Spells With Lemon

One other scenario may warrant a break up spell: one that you are directly involved in.

If you are in an unhappy relationship or in an abusive relationship, whether it’s mental, physical or emotional abuse, and you want out but you are being bullied or are too scared to end the relationship yourself.

You need to get out.

Take my advice as someone who has been in your shoes, they are not worth it, they do not love you, they will not change.

If you have literally no options, then maybe try magic.

But please, please try every possible viable and active method of escape before turning to magic, because magic can be sometimes unreliable and if your personal health and safety is at risk, then that is what is most important.

Since you are in this situation, I am going to assume that you don’t have a lot of freedom, and are probably a subtle witch or not open with your practice or have access to supplies or ingredients.

Break Up Spells With Lemon

So here is a short, simple, powerful spell to make them leave you using just things you would have lying around the house.

Ingredients and Supplies needed:

  • A lemon
  • Cayenne pepper or Black pepper
  • A piece of string, cord or thread
  • Gutter or Puddle Mud
  • Glitter
  • New moon water
  • Scissors

Instructions for Break Up Spell:

  1. The piece of string represents the relationship. Soak it in lemon juice.
  2. Now cut it in half, saying a chant three time:
‘Abuser be gone, this relationship is done.’
  1. Take the half that represents:
    • your abuser and smear it with the mud.
    • you and dip it in new moon water.
    • your abuser and roll it in cayenne or black pepper.
    • you and roll it in glitter.
  2. Now, take the half that represents your abuser and go bury it somewhere. Anywhere that isn’t a place you have any connects to.
  3. Take the half that represents you and bury it either in your yard or store it somewhere safe.

As always, please take care of yourself and practice safe hexing. Happy witching!

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