Curse Spells: How to Cast 2 Powerful Chants Using Your Energy

I like curse spells. I have to admit that one of my specialties in regards to witchcraft and magic is cursing.

While I don’t necessarily make it a habit to go around cursing people all the time for any reason, I do enjoy writing curses and creating them, just not activating them.

A witch’s curse spell can be a powerful tool and be used for more than just inflicting harm on a person.

Curse Spells in Witchcraft

Real curses are misunderstood, and those who cast curse spells are seen as evil and are all but exiled by their communities.

Curse Spells in Witchcraft

In reality, those of us who are pro-curse should be thanked.

Witches who use chaotic magic are not bad people, in fact the vast majority of us who keep curses a part of our repertoire only really use them when absolutely necessary, and for good reasons.

We like to call it ‘practicing safe hexing’ and ‘responsible cursing’.

A good way of looking at cursing is that it is the opposite of casting a ward. If a ward is a witch’s shield, then a curse is a witch’s sword.

Curse Spells 101 for Beginners

The curse itself is not evil, it is simply a tool, and witches who use curses are not bad, they are simply those who prefer an attack strategy, to work on the offensive, rather than defensive.

Of course, curses can definitely be used for the wrong reasons. Which is why most of us have a very set list of guidelines for cursing. I’ll share some of them, but remember that your practice is completely unique and your motives will be different than other witches.

  1. The first step to learning how to cast curse spells properly is to have excellent control over your own personal energy, as well as being able to channel outside energies. Like that of crystals or herbs you may use in the curse to help strengthen it or bring about certain results.
  2. Second, a little trial and error process may be required to figure out which style of cursing works best for you.

Once you find your optimal format for cursing you can really run with it.

An example of this is that some people work best with poppets, while others find that they work better with talismans.

  1. The third piece of advice I will share that really helps master the art of cursing is to never undervalue or underestimate the importance of post-curse care.

After a curse, all that negative energy can have a lot of adverse effects on the caster, so it’s important to take certain steps to purify yourself and wind down afterwards.

Some good activities would be to take a ritual purification bath of epsom salt, sage and rosemary, or to eat some food, take a nap, or read a relaxing book.

Anything to help ground that energy and get you to feeling back to normal.

Instructions for the ritual

Real Spells to Curse Someone That Work for Me

Curse Ritual 1

One of my favorite forms of cursing is very simple and uses the same basic principles and techniques as Warding.

The only ingredient you need is your own energy.

This kind of magic can be volatile and for some, hard to control, so be sure you are absolutely confident that you can properly channel your energy and make your intentions crystal clear.

To curse using only your energy, summon up every big of negative emotion, charge it with the intention and the actions you wish to happen to your victim, and then hurtle it at them at an unstoppable speed.

It’s best if done in the actual physical presence of the person, like to be in the same room. I call this kind of energy curse a Strike, and I imagine it’s kind of like the attack of a spitting cobra. Fast and dangerous.

Curse Ritual 2

Aside from Striking, my other favorite form of cursing is with a poppet.

Poppet magic has so much potential.

Curse Spell and Ritual

You can use poppets to:

  • increase someone’s self confidence,
  • cast a glamour on them,
  • help them get a job,
  • attract love or wealth or good luck to them, or,
  • of course, cast a curse on them,
  • make them feel disgusted with themselves,
  • and inflict a whole lot of bad luck on them.

The power of the poppet comes from what’s inside.

  1. The outside of the poppet is made to represent your subject by altering its appearance to match the physical description of your victim.
  2. The head cavity of the poppet should be filled with something that has to do with the subject’s thoughts or mind. For example, putting gravel in the poppet’s head can cause headaches, and putting mud from a puddle or gutter can cause thoughts of self disgust.
  3. The chest cavity should be filled with objects representative of feelings and emotions. For example, cayenne or chili pepper can cause heartache or heart burn, and ashes could make a person feel empty or burnt out.
  4. On the front of the doll, you should write the subject’s full name and a basic description of them, their occupation and such, to help better identify the target of your spell.
  5. On the back, you should write what you want to happen to them, and why. This is just the basic recipe I use for poppets, but I have found it to be very effective.

Anything can be turned into a spell.

Words, in themselves, have power. So, reaching from that, anything can be made into a curse.

Having good energy control and being creative are two important points to address for this, of course.

Remember to perform post-curse self care and be safe!

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