Do Love Spells Work?

For people who do not practice witchcraft or some form of magic, the very idea of a love spell probably seems ridiculous, even questionable, to them. They tend to ask Do Love Spells Work?

It is difficult for them to open their mind and accept new ideas, such as energy manipulation, which is the driving force behind all magic.

Majority of people have been told their whole lives that this is all make believe. That it is not real.

Do Love Spells Work?

For people who are raised in this kind of environment, choosing to follow a witchy path can be difficult, and it requires them to unlearn all the things that were shoved down their throat as a child.

But, it is possible. I’ve seen many people do it.

All that must be done is to open your mind and accept that there is a whole world around us that is invisible to the human eye. A world of auras, energy and spirits.

Do Love Spells Work and Other Questions of Magic

Several questions every witch has asked themselves at some point.

  • Do love spells really work?
  • How fast will they work?
  • Will they work right away or will they take a few days?
  • How long will it take?
  • Can I use a love spell to get my ex back?
  • Can I use a love spell to attract a new love I’ve never even met before?
  • Is it morally acceptable to use “black” magic or binding spells on another person, in the name of love?

A witch’s life is full of such questions, and they must learn to answer these questions themselves, as every witch has different morals, a different practice and a different background.

But, I will try to shed a little light on as many of these questions as possible.


First, yes, Love spells do really work if performed correctly.

How Do Love Spells Work

As with any kind of spell or ritual, they can require specific ingredients and a set of instructions.

These instructions should be followed if one is a young witch, witchling or a beginner.

Once a witch is more seasoned and has more experience, they can create their own rituals, choose their own ingredients and do whatever feels right.

But, as a new witch, a person should use a ‘trial and error’ mentality with spells and rituals, testing out different styles and kinds until they find something that works best for them.

Love spells work because you want them to.

The biggest factor in a love spell that really makes it tick, the spark that starts the fire, is your own personal energy.

You have to really, really know exactly what you want and to project all that energy into the spell.

Your intentions must be clear and true.

That is how all spells work.

How Fast Do Love Spells Work?

How long do love spells take to work?

The time span of a spell depends on the person, and how much energy they channel into the ritual.

  • If you channel a short, powerful burst of energy, it will work immediately but probably only last for a short period of time.
  • But if you channel a long, steady stream of energy, the spell may take a day or two to work, but it can last for months.

How Fast Do Love Spells Work?

As far as the purpose of the spell, that is also something you must also focus on.

You must charge your energy with your true intentions.

If you want the spell:

  • to get an old ex back, then make sure that’s the intention you charge the spell with.
  • to attract a new love, make sure that’s the purpose you give the ritual.

You are in control. That’s one of the best things about being a witch.

Black Magic Love Spells

There is no such thing as ‘black’ magic, as magic in itself is not inherently good or bad, it’s merely a tool.

And the term ‘black magic’ is, quite frankly, racist. So I would suggest using an alternative term. Like chaos or baneful magic, when referring to that kind of magic that focuses on an attack strategy, and offensive strategy, rather than the norm, which is more of a defensive style of magic, or what some commonly and incorrectly refer to as ‘white’ magic.

The terms ‘black’ and ‘white’ magic are very racially charged, and compare magic with roots in Africa to negative or evil magic, and magic that has roots in Europe as being positive and good magic. Which is entirely incorrect.

There is no good or evil magic.

The purpose of a spell lies entirely with the caster. Just like a hammer can be used for constructive or destructive purposes, a love spell can be used with malicious intent, a curse can be used with protection and balance in mind.

Binding Spells for Love

As far as binding spells go, use your own judgment.

Binding Spells for Love

Personally, I believe that if a binding spell is used with the consent of the subject, then it is completely okay to perform one.

Many witches do not believe that you need consent to use one, and some do not. It just depends on what you, the caster, decide.

Much of witchcraft is susceptible to personal bias and opinion. No two witches will have the same practice. Everyone’s witchcraft is different.

So just remember to be true to yourself,  true to your own magic. But take every book you might read with a grain of salt.

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