Easy Love Spells

Easy love spells are in demand.

For a lot of beginners, witches and spell casters, complex rituals and spells can seem pretty daunting.

To be intimidated by things you don’t yet understand is completely normal, but don’t let it deter you!

If you keep an open mind, and remember to start small, anything is possible.

I get a lot of requests for easy love spells that work fast. And some witchlings even doubt if such things exist.

Well, no worries!

Easy love spells do indeed exist!

Why Do Easy and Simple Spells Work?

Not all spells have to be complicated.

Not all love spells require hard to find ingredients like hair or blood or animal products and involve complicated twelve step processes.

There are plenty of spells and rituals out there that are easy and simple, can be performed at home, and really work, almost immediately.

All spells work because of energy manipulation.

Easy Love Spells Energy Manipulation

Controlling energy and using it to visualize and manifest your intentions is what makes any ritual tick.

You can have a thousand rare artifacts or ingredients, and while those may enhance a spell, they ultimately are not what makes it work.

Take a Ouija board, for example.

Everyone thinks that it is this terrible, horrifying gate the world of the damned, which is just ridiculous.

It’s a board game. It, by itself, has no power.

But if you bring together a group of like minded individuals and they are all focusing their energy on channeling a spirit through the Ouija board, then the odds of you actually making contact with the other side increases exponentially.

It’s not the board. The board is merely a tool, a conduit, for your combined energy and desire to manifest your intentions (that is to say, to summon or communicate with a spirit).

The same basic concept applies to any spell or ritual.

Tools are helpful, but not necessary. What is completely necessary is YOU and your energy and power that you bring to the table.

Easy Love Spells to Do at Home: 3 Rituals

Ritual 1

The easiest and simplest love spell you can cast is to alter your aura slightly to make you seem more pleasant to be around and to attract new people or romantic interest to you.

To do this, you just need to have the basic concept of energy manipulation and aura maintenance down.

Easy Love Spells energy manipulation

You don’t need any supplies other than your own energy, or maybe a mirror to help you visualize and see your aura as you charge it.

Basically, you raise energy up from the ground or inside of you or from the air around you (whichever source of energy feels most natural to you) and then you concentrate it with feelings of:

  • good will,
  • peace and love,
  • positive emotions.

Once you’ve charged that energy, send it into your aura.

Visualize it flowing and slowly integrating with your permanent aura color, maybe changing or tinting it slightly to make it more happy or bright.

2d Ritual with Bath

Another very simple love spell is the Ritual Bath.

I talk about these a lot, and have given plenty of recipes for complicated ritual baths, but honestly some of the best Love Baths only need three ingredients.

Ingredient and Supplies Needed:

  • a pink candle;
  • a Rose Quartz crystal;
  • rose petals.

Rose Quartz crystal for Easy Love Spell

The rose petals go into the tub and the candle and crystal sit on the edge or a dry surface near the tub.

What makes ritual baths so great is that they are not only good for your health and are relaxing, they also work quickly and rarely influence others directly.

The point of a ritual bath is to focus on yourself.

So, with this love bath, you would be focusing on charging the water and yourself with positive emotions, feelings of love, and the desire to attract a new love.

The bath is also self cleansing, because water has cleansing properties on its own, so you complete two tasks with one action.

Easy Love Spells Ritual 3

The last ritual I want to share is perhaps the most common kind of love spell. It is the Candle Ritual.

The only supplies you will need is

  • a pink or red pillar candle. Preferably something with either a fruity scent or a floral scent, something pleasant;
  • a toothpick;
  • something to light the candle with.

red candle for easy love spells

  1. Take the toothpick and carve your full name on one side of the candle
  2. Carve the full name of your desired subject. Or just a simple heart if you want to attract a whole new potential romantic partner on the other side of the candle.
  3. Charge the candle with your intentions and desires.
  4. Light it.
  5. Let it burn for three minutes and then blow it out.
  6. Store it either on your nightstand near your bed, or under your bed.
  7. Relight it every night for three minutes to keep it consistently attracting and promoting the wishes that you charged it with.
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