Full Moon Spells

Full Moon spells are considered to be extremely powerful.

Every witch knows, whether they’ve been formally educated on the subject or not, that the Full Moon is a time of power and magic.

Most cultures around the world associate the Full Moon with happiness, energy, fulfillment and abundance.

The moon was used as a way to keep track of time, menstrual cycles and important cultural and astronomical events.

Different moon cycles are good for performing different kind of rituals.

I’ll list my personal associations with each Moon below.

  • New Moon: New beginnings, new relationships, planting seeds, positive changes, hope
  • Waxing Moon: Growth, learning new things, creativity, healing, transformation
  • Full Moon: Wishes, harvest, achieving dreams, protection, power, faith
  • Waning Moon: Letting go, cleansing, breaking bad habits, opening up, purification

Why Important Cast Spells on Full Moon

There are many rituals involving the Full Moon that I could cover, but first I want to address the many uses of the moon itself.

The Moon is known to not only cleanse but also charge objects.

Full Moon Spells

The Full Moon is the perfect time to set your talismans and your crystals out in under the light of her gaze.

There are many ways to cleanse and charge objects but this one is, in my opinion, the safest and the easiest. As most other methods involve burying objects, soaking them in water, or setting them out in the sun.

But the clean up sucks when you bury something, and certain crystals can be damaged or fade if soaked in water or left out in the sunlight. So, one could understand why my preferred method of cleansing and charging would be to use the Full Moon.

The Full Moon can also be used to create one of the most powerful and easily obtained magical resources for a witch.

It’s a common ingredient in most of my spells and rituals. It is called Full Moon Water. Below I will give an example of a simple way of creating Moon Water.

Ingredients and Supplies needed for full moon spells:

  • Filtered Fresh Water
  • A glass jar or bottle
  • Salt (optional)

Instructions to Do at Home:

  1. Wait until the Full Moon has reached it’s peak, probably around midnight.
  2. Fill your bottle or jar with the filtered water and take it outside.
  3. Set it directly in the light of the Full Moon.
  4. Leave it in the moonlight for four to five hours.
  5. Remove it before sunrise.
  6. Bring it inside and store it in a dark, cool place. A closet or under a bed are both good options.

Ingredients and Supplies needed for full moon spells

There are many uses for Full Moon Water, but it is most commonly used as an ingredient in larger, more involved rituals, such as ritual baths, cleaning ceremonies and potion making.

Basic uses of Full Moon Water include:

  • purification,
  • strengthening potions,
  • spells,
  • rituals,
  • glamours,
  • protection,
  • to make Sea Water, for landlocked Sea witches.

One of Most Powerful Full Moon Spells

Of all the powerful Full Moon spells out there, the one I use the most often that really works is what the vast majority of the witching community calls ‘Drawing Down the Moon’.

It’s a kind of ritual where you commune directly with the spirit of the moon herself and ask for her guidance or for her to grant or help grant a wish.

One of Most Powerful Full Moon Spells

This ritual can come in many shapes and forms, but the most basic foundation of it is as follows.

No ingredients are needed.

Instructions for the Full Moon Spell:

  • First, go outside and stand on the ground (aka not on a sidewalk or concrete. Like grass or dirt.), preferably barefoot.
  • Perform your pre-ritual routine. Whether that would be to cast a circle, smoke cleanse the area, or purify your space.
  • Raise your energy from whatever source you find comes naturally and you can tap into a good reserve from (Examples: Up from the earth, in from the air, out from your heart, etc)
  • Once you’ve got a good ball of energy held in the palms of your hands, send it out to the moon. Visualize it as a beam of light, or a rope, tethering your energy to the moon’s energy.
  • This begins the conversation. Speak to her out loud or in your head. Ask her for the favor, or for her assistance in whatever purpose you are performing the ritual for, and remember to ask her if there is anything you can do in return.
  • Share your energy with her, and politely request some of her energy in return.
  • When you are done, say goodbye and remember to thank her.
  • Reel in your energy tether, bring it back inside of you and ground the excess energy out through your feet and into the earth.
  • Close your circle, or whatever your closing routine is for a ritual.
  • Go inside and take a cleaning bath of rosemary and epsom salts, or eat your favorite food. Whatever kind of post-ritual care you usually perform to help you wind down.

Full Moon Spells for Beginners

It’s important to keep in mind that the Moon, or Luna, has a living spirit, just like the Earth and just like the Sun and the Stars.

The Moon must be treated with the respect that she deserves.

Try not to draw energy from her without permission first.

It’s not as if you’ll be in trouble or punished if you do.

But it’s always better to be polite and get in her good graces.

So that whenever you do perform more complicated rituals and ask for her aid, she will be more willing to provide it.

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