Good Luck Spells Using (or Not) Candles

Good Luck Spells with candles or without them are equally powerful.

Good fortune is something all of us wish for at one point or another in our lives.

We all want to be lucky.

We all want luck. Some people are born lucky, but for those of us who weren’t, we have to make our own luck.

There are plenty one ways to create our own luck, especially as witches.

What does it mean to really be a witch? A witch is someone who has taught themselves how to manipulate and control energy in order to manifest their desires, turning them into reality.

Everything and everywhere on this earth has this energy, is this energy, an all encompassing energy. To control our own fates, to control our own luck, is the true power of the witch.

Candles in Good Luck Spells

Perhaps the most favored method of casting a good luck spell is the candle spell.

Good luck spells with candles are so powerful because of the source of energy, and the overall ease of the spell.

Good Luck Spells with Candles

The reason that candle spells are so easy is because very little personal energy need be raised or expended by the witch themselves.

Candles, or specifically, the flame, is like a tiny battery from which the witch can draw energy and use for the spell.

When the candle has a name or a sigil carved into it, as well as a tiny amount of personal energy to charge it with an intention, it becomes a very powerful ticking time bomb for the spell.

Witchcraft Ritual for Good Luck Spells With Candles

The following good luck candle spell includes instructions to create a sigil that can be carved into the candle as well as used for future spells.


  • Green or White candle
  • Toothpick
  • Pencil and paper


  1. Take a pen and paper and write a phrase in the affirmative. Example: I have good fortune. Or I have good luck.
  2. Now remove any recurring letters. ‘I have good fortune’ now becomes ‘Ihavgdfrtun’
  3. Reduce each letter down to its basic shapes. For example, d becomes a straight line and a half circle.
  4. Arrange the shapes into a sigil that you feel properly channels your energy and intentions.
  5. Now, using the toothpick, carve the sigil into the candle.
  6. Charge the sigil with your intentions and give it an activation key. For example, when the wick is lit, the candle will promote good fortune and luck.
  7. On the other side of the candle, carve your full name.
  8. Now, all you have to do is light it anytime you need an extra spark of good luck!

Are There Good Luck Spells without Candles?

Of course, not everyone likes, or can, use candles. Some people have a fear of fire, some people live in dorm rooms where open flames and candles are not allowed.

Good Luck Spells without Candles

And no worries, you can definitely perform many good luck spells without candles. Like the 2 rituals I give below.

In fact, you can perform the exact same good luck spell written above, with no ingredients at all except your lovely self!

Honestly, one could perform any spell that calls for ingredients without ingredients and just substitute them with your own energy.

Tools, however, to make things easier and often times will amplify and add their own individual energies to a spell, making it easier on a witch.

Good Luck Spells without Candles

This spell should be performed on a Full Moon.

The Full Moon is associated with dreams, wishes, fulfillment, abundance, prosperity, and manifesting desires into reality.

  • Go outside and stand under the full moon. If you want, you can use the same process as the first spell to make a sigil and draw it on your hand.
  • Now, use the process of drawing the moon’s energy down into you (often literally called Drawing Down the Moon). For this, you just need to go outside, concentrate and clear your mind.
  • Then, you visualize a tether of energy extending out of your body and attaching to the moon, and energy traveling back and forth between you.
  • Once you’ve got some of that moon juice in you, channel into your aura and charge it with the intention of bringing you good fortune and good luck.

Good Luck Spells without Candles Using Energy

The sigil is not mandatory, but it does help to amplify the specific intention of attracting and bringing good luck into your life.

Some people will simply request that the moon hear and grant their wish, and that works for them. It’s completely up to you what methods you decide to use. That’s why every individual witch’s practice is unique.

Incense Spell for Good Luck without Candles

Another easy spell that doesn’t involve candles is to simply burn incense.

Good incense for attracting luck are

  • frankincense,
  • mint,
  • orange,
  • strawberry,
  • violet.

Incense is easy, cheap, and can be used for just about any kind of spell.

mint for good luck spell without candles

One other popular tool many witches like to use is essential oils for good luck.

Usually metaphysical shops, online or otherwise, sell a special blend of oils and other ingredients that serve special purposes, like attracting new jobs, attracting love, promote protection, enhance abilities, and of course, attract and promote good luck.

The important thing is to pick a method that works best for you and that you feel comfortable with.

Happy witching!

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