How to Cast a Spell on Someone You Hate

Do you dare to ask how to cast a spell on someone you hate?

While the vast majority of the witchcraft community will tell you that casting a spell on someone you hate is ill advised at best.

As well as using the emotion of intense dislike or hatred to fuel a spell or ritual.

Not to mention you’ll get frowned upon and potentially devastated in the eyes of others.

Most witches will tell you that positive emotions are the best to use when feeding a spell.

But, I am obviously not like other witches.

I am very much pro curse, and therefore fall under the category of ‘volatile’ or ‘chaotic’ witches.

That’s because I cannot be controlled or confined to the same strict rules and moral compasses of the vast majority of the witchcraft community, most of whom adhere to Wiccan beliefs and standards.

Not being Wiccan allows me a lot more freedom in my craft.

When You Consider Casting Spells On Someone

First thing you should understand is that any strong emotion can become a very powerful tool when used to charge a spell or ritual.

How to Cast a Spell on Someone You Hate

I do not discourage the use of anger, hatred or despair to power a spell, however I do like to warn people to sleep on something or step back to make sure that what you are about to do is really what you want.

Kind of like impulse buying. You don’t want to make a huge purchase and regret it later, right?

Same basic principle.

No matter what emotions, intentions or kinds of spell you are trying to cast, make sure you are absolutely 100 percent clear that it is what you want and that you are doing it for the right reasons.

Now, if you hate someone, and I don’t mean like you dislike them or are jealous of them, if you intensely despise every fiber of their being because of something they have done to directly screw up your life, then there are a lot of options for you to get even or get back at them.

How to Cast a Spell on Someone You Hate

If you are Wiccan, you can use a ‘Back to Sender’ spell, which is non malevolent in nature, and essentially takes whatever harm that they caused you and reverberates back on them like a mirror.

How to Cast a Spell

This can easily be done by simply charging your aura with a spongy or rubbery type of energy that will bounce anything attempting to attack it right off.

There are other methods, of course, but I find that one the easiest.

As I said before, there are a lot of options. You could curse them, place a bad luck spell on them, a binding spell on them, etc.

First you need to decide what kind of spell you want to cast on them.

Spells and Rituals to Cast

I am going to relay a very basic, though powerful, simple ritual on how to cast an evil spell on someone you hate.

I will list multiple options and you just choose the one you think would work best for your purposes.

Spells and Rituals to Cast on someone you hate

Ingredients or Supplies needed:

  • Pillar Candle (Red for Passion, Black for Bad Luck, White for general use)
  • Salt, Red Brick Dust or Cascarilla Powder (for making a protective circle)
  • A square of cloth ( Red for passion, Black for bad luck, white for general use)
  • A piece of thread (red for passion, black for bad luck, white for general use)
  • (alternative to the cloth and thread) A poppet or fashion doll
  • Graveyard dirt (gives the spell an extra kick)
  • Shed snakeskin (to ‘discard’ them from your life)
  • Cayenne Pepper, Chili pepper or black pepper (to burn them)
  • Hair or fingernail clipping from your subject or a photo of them or a paper with their full name written on it
  • A jar
  • Water and mud from a puddle or a gutter
  • Aspirin

Light your candle to officially begin the ritual

Ritual Instructions:

  1. With your salt or dust or powder make a ring.
  2. Inside of the ring, place all of your supplies.
  3. Light your candle to officially begin the ritual.
  4. In the center of your cloth or poppet, combine your dirt, snakeskin, pepper and object representing them.
  5. Bind up the cloth with thread, or put the poppet back together.
  6. Charge the bundle or poppet with all of your hatred and your rage. It helps to say out loud what you want to happen and specify the person that you want to cast a spell on.
  7. Fill a jar with puddle or gutter water and put a aspirins ground down into powder into the water. This will slowly eat away at the poppet or charm bag. It will also wear away at the person’s self esteem and make them feel trapped, stuck, and disgusted with themselves.
  8. Drop the poppet or charm bag into the jar and close the lid.
  9. Seal the lid with hot wax from the candle.
  10. Place the jar somewhere dark, like a basement or an attic.

As always, please remember to take care of yourself, first and foremost.

Practicing safe hexing is vital to these kinds of things, and knowing yourself and being in tune with your emotions will strengthen you.

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