How to Cast a Spell

I often get questioned by younger witchlings, beginners, about exactly how to cast a spell on someone in real life.

Or how to tell if someone has cast a spell on you?

Honestly, there are so many possible answers for these questions so I will just go over the ones I am sure about.

How to Cast a Spell for Beginners (Step by Step)

Casting a spell has one hundred percent to do with energy manipulation and control. No matter if it’s a spell for money, love, revenge, or good luck spell.

How to Cast a Spell

If you can control energy, you can not only cast a spell on someone, but you can protect yourself from having a spell cast on your.

I’ll be going over the basics on how to develop energy manipulation skills and how to use those skills in order to help manifest your true intentions.

  1. Step. Perfecting energy control is to learn to tap into your own energy.
    • The easiest way to do this is to meditate. Energy control is all about visualization.
    • Find a place where you can concentrate, preferably a quiet, solitary place.
    • Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and breath deeply.
    • On your inhale, imagine a glowing white light around your body slowly contracting and moving with your breathing.
    • When you exhale, imagine the light expanding. This technique can also help with anxiety.
  2. Step. Now, Raising Energy. Once you’ve got the hang of that you can slowly start to gather than light into the palm of your hands, imagine it manifesting as a ball of energy, expanding and contracting along with your breathing.
    • This method of slowly summoning your energy is called Raising Energy.
    • With enough practice, you will be able to raise energy with a single breath or thought.
    • You don’t always have to raise energy from within yourself. I personally find that the easiest way for me to raise energy is to draw it out of the ground by visualizing my personal energy taking the form of roots and pulling energy from the earth beneath my feet and up through my body.
    • But every witch is different, so just go with whatever you feel most comfortable with.
  3. Step. Once you’ve got the hang of meditating and raising energy, you should learn how to ground excess energy.
    • This is pretty simple, and the easiest way to do it is to literally place your hand or bare feet on the ground and send the energy into the earth.
    • Some people prefer to send the extra energy into other surfaces, but I find that channeling it into the earth is always the best for me.

How to Cast a Successful Spell

After learning these techniques, you can move on to the actual process of casting a spell:

  • charging,
  • cleansing
  • casting.

How to Cast a Successful Spell

Not necessarily in that order.

  • To charge an object with a particular energy or intention, you simply channel your energy into that object.
  • To cleanse an object with your energy, you use visualize a glowing white light and use it to purify the object.
  • To cast your energy, simply raise it and then send it out or channel it to wherever you desire it to go.

If you need help with visualization, go look up videos of Bending from Avatar the Last Airbender, or of Dragonball Z attacks.

Can You Know if Someone Cast a Spell on You?

It can be difficult to tell if someone has put a spell on you, especially if you don’t know the intention behind a spell.

But, you can take preventative measures and stop a spell from being cast on you by putting up protective wards.

To cast a ward, simply channel your energy out through your hands into a protective bubble or force field around you.

If I had to compare it to anything, I would say think Violet from the Incredibles.

Clean Aura Helps Cast a Spell

Another useful thing to learn when it comes to casting a spell, maintaining and controlling energy is to learn about your Aura.

To cleanse your aura, simply take a fan or just your hand and visualize yourself flicking the negative splotches off of your aura. It helps if you know your aura color.

Learning to see your aura can take some time, but it is definitely worth it, especially if you decide to cast wards by charging your aura with protective energy.

One of the best ways to practice seeing your aura is to stand in front of a mirror with a white wall behind you and look about two inches away from the edges of your skin.

After enough practice, you should be able to make out a color.

Clean Aura Helps Cast a Spell

A person’s aura color can say a lot about them, check them below.

Basic Aura Color Meanings

  • Bright Yellow: Spiritually inspired, playful, in a period of enlightenment.
  • Dark Yellow: Someone who is burnt out and has lost their love of learning.
  • Lemon Yellow: Someone with a fear of loss and abandonment.
  • Pale Yellow: Someone with a renewed sense of hope.
  • Bright Orange: Healthy, vibrant, full of life.
  • Orange Red: Someone with a lot of confidence and personal power.
  • Orange Yellow: A perfectionist with a scientific mind.
  • Dark Red: Grounded, self sufficient, centered.
  • Bright Red: Energetic, Passionate, Romantic.
  • Cloudy Red: Someone with a deep seated anger.
  • Pink: An artist who is loving, sensual and gifted.
  • Dark Pink: A deceptive person who is dishonest.
  • Royal Blue: A clairvoyant who is both generous and open minded.
  • Dark Blue: An untrusting individual who cannot face the truth and is in denial.
  • Light Blue: Someone who is truthful and serene.
  • Bright Green: A natural healer who is both compassionate and skilled.
  • Yellow Green: Someone with great communication skills.
  • Cloudy Green: Someone with a lot of resentment and jealousy.
  • Turquoise: A healer, helper and truth giver.
  • Violet: A daydreamer, visionary and one who has a spiritual love.
  • Indigo: Someone who glimpses into other worlds and is very wise.
  • Silver: Someone who’s life is filled with wealth and abundance.
  • Gold: Someone who is protected and guided by a spiritual force.
  • Black: Someone who is unwilling and unforgiving.
  • Gray: Someone who is untrusting with blocked energy. May be ill.
  • Brown: Someone who is afraid to let go.
  • White: Someone who has innocence, purity and a newness about them.

A person’s aura will evolve many times during their life, just as they will change, it changes with them.

Some people are born with auras that have ‘holes’ in them, or are damaged in some way.

Once a person becomes skilled at energy healing, it is possible to healed a broken or damaged energy field, but it takes a lot of practice.

For beginners, I would just advise this

Learn to better manipulate and control your own energy and aura first before practicing on others.

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