How to Curse Someone

‘How to Curse Someone?’ might sound like a legitimate question in some occasions.

  • Has someone abused you?
  • Taken something from you by force?
  • Has someone ruined your life?
  • Made you fear for your safety?
  • Made you doubt and question your own self worth?
  • Has someone damaged you irreparably, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually?
  • Do you feel hopeless? Like you have nowhere left to turn, no one will do anything to help you? Like the authorities can’t or won’t defend you,  and there is no justice?

Well, you are certainly not alone.

How to Set a Curse on Someone with Your Own Energy

I got a little off with all those questions. But I just wanted to make it abundantly clear that I have been in the same shoes. I understand what it is to feel helpless, to feel trapped and to feel such injustice that it reduces you to tears.

And in these times when we have no where else to turn to, I turn to curses. Read about curse spells here.

How to Set a Curse on Someone with Your Own Energy

Curses, a witch’s sword, are our last line of defense and our best strategy to taking on daunting odds.

To get the justice we crave and deserve.

Setting, sending out, casting, putting, or otherwise placing a curse on someone is not a difficult procedure. In fact, the easiest way to set a curse on someone is to use only your rage and your energy.


  1. Imagine that your energy is like a bolt of lightning, crackling inside your rib cage, zapping around your heart.
  2. Now visualize and replay in your head all the things that have caused you distress, harmed you, hurt you.
  3. Channel that rage, that anger into that electricity inside of you.
  4. Then, fire away. Shoot a bolt of rage-charged energy directly out of your body at the person you wish to curse.
  5. It’s good to have in mind a specific cause that the curse will create, such as a violent sickness or a string of terrible luck, or that they will finally get what they deserve.

How to Curse Someone Out for Beginners

The process of placing a curse on someone depends on how severe you want the curse to be. And how complicated you would like for it to be.

A more powerful curse will involve specific ingredients and multiple steps in order to cast the spell.

How to Curse Someone Out for Beginners

Some curses are more informal, like the carrot or lollipop curse, where you basically use the carrot/lollipop as a poppet to represent your subject and you literally ‘eat them’ or it could symbolize that ‘their actions have come back to bite them’.

Other spells are more ritualistic and formal, like the traditional curse poppet, which involves several steps and some more hard to find ingredients such as graveyard dirt, sulfur powder and goofer dust.

The making of goofer dust and the collection of graveyard dirt are, in their own rights, complex multiple step rituals that require their own separate ingredients.

So, really, when casting a curse on someone it all really depends on how much time, effort and energy you want to spend on it, and how severe and immediate you want the effects of the curse to take hold.

I think that the number one thing you should know how to do when it comes to cursing or placing a curse on someone is how to properly manipulate energy and channel your intentions.

If you do not have a clear intention and a clear image in your mind of what outcome you would like to occur, the odds of it magically happening are pretty slim.

It is important to get a good handle on your purposes and how to control your own energy before diving head first into a complicated ritual to curse someone. If you want it to work, take your time and prepare properly.

Curse Wording

Another thing that I feel as if I should mention is the importance of words in curses.

Curse Wording to Curse Someone

Words are not mandatory, but words in themselves have power. This is where the word ‘spell’ comes from, the power of a single world when used with energy and intention to bring about a change.

Adding words, specifically two or three phrases that rhyme or flow really well and are repeated or chanted multiple times, can significantly power up any ritual or spell. Specifically a curse because it gives a new layer of clarity and intention to whatever method of execution you are already using.

Words are powerful.

Your words are powerful, and they can make a difference.

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