Lottery and Gambling Spells

Lottery spells sometimes might be your last resort.

For someone, gambling is a fun pastime, as well as a chance to win some very much needed extra cash.

When it comes to witches who play the lottery, you can bet that they use a little extra juice to increase their chances of winning.

Some of us really could use that money to get out of debt, pay medical bills and feed our families.

With minimum wage being so low, sometimes winning money is one of the only ways we can hope to claw our way out of poverty.

Does Lottery Magic Work?

Lottery spells that really work, and work immediately are hard to come by, though.

And spells to win the lottery are even trickier to perform.

lottery spells

It’s one thing to do a spell to attract money, or good fortune, but it is another thing entirely to use magic for spells that are powerful enough to guarantee or ensure a 100 percent chance of winning.

So, I guess the first thing I should talk about is that there are no guarantees in life.

Therefore there are no guarantees in magic.

Magic and witchcraft both operate on the premise of manipulating or controlling energy in the world around you to help manifest your desires on a tangible level.

However, the effectiveness of a witch’s spells, rituals and magic depends solely on their ability to channel their intentions and energy.

Clear intentions are extremely important when casting a spell.

Equally, it’s important to consider your true purpose and motivations before performing a ritual.

Lottery Spells Examples

Above being said, let’s move on the lottery and gambling spells.

The basic idea behind lottery spells is that you want to drastically increase your good luck and fortune in order to manipulate the odds into turning out in your favor.

Lottery Spells Examples

Now, depending on the amount of desires and energy you put into a spell, your overall input determines whether you will just do well and win ‘some’ on the lottery or  you win it all.

Spell #1

The first spell is a very simple and easy charm that should continue to steadily have effect so long as you carry the object with you.

The purpose of creating a lucky charm is that when you have it on your purpose it will

  • amplify your chances of winning big when you gamble,
  • as well as improving your overall luck in general.

Ingredients and Supplies Needed:

The first step is to choose an object you want to enchant.

Good objects that are already inherently lucky are

  • rabbit’s feet,
  • alligator teeth,
  • shiny pennies,
  • 5 yen coins,
  • malachite crystals.

The teeth of an alligator talisman for money luck

  • Alligator teeth, 5 yen coins and Malachite crystals would be nice on a cord or chain and worn as a necklace.
  • While a rabbit’s foot would make a good key chain to attach to your key ring.
  • A shiny penny would be good to just keep in your wallet.

Secondly. After you have acquired your lucky item, you will want to gather some Full Moon water.

Full Moon water can be collected by placing a glass container of filtered water out in the light of a Full Moon for five to seven hours.

The Full Moon is associated with wishes, dreams, and manifesting desires.

full moon water

Thirdly. The only other ingredient you will need is your own energy.

Instructions for Spell #1:

  1. Take your object and hold it in the palm of your hand.

Visualize a bright green and white energy circulating through your body. Feel it, and slowly exert your power over it. Control it.

Envision that it has the power to change all the odds in your favor, to grant you limitless good fortune and luck, and to ensure that you will win at any game you play.

  1. Now channel the energy through your arms and down into the palms of your hands.

Make it flow into the object, filling it up to the brim until the object has a bright green and white glow, a halo of power and energy.

Hold it in the palm of one hand, and with your other hand dip three fingers into a bowl of the Full Moon water.

  1. Carefully smear the water over the object, blessing it, purifying and protecting it from outside energies, and sealing your own energy inside.

After this, you are done!

Just wear or keep the object on your person any time you want to use its power.

bring your talisman along

Spell #2

The other spell I’m going to share to help improve your chances of winning the lottery or games when you gamble is actually not technically a spell.

It is a way to apply good luck to your body.

The following essential oils can be diluted and blended together to make a perfume. You can wear it to attract large amounts of luck in regards to gambling.

You can use any mix of

  • strawberry,
  • nutmeg,
  • orange,
  • persimmon,
  • pomegranate,
  • violet
  • rose essential oils

strawberry for lottery spells

mixed with a diluting oil such as

  • avocado oil,
  • sweet almond oil,
  • grape seed oil
  • Full Moon water.

Or, you can always look into purchasing pre-mixed lucky oils from metaphysical and hoodoo shops. They have many oils specifically designed for the purpose of winning at gambling and the lottery.

Remember to be safe and happy witching!

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