4 Love Spells Without Ingredients

Love spells without ingredients might be very powerful and work pretty fast.

Not all of us can afford fancy ingredients for rituals and spells. Budget witchcraft is actually a huge niche.

While ingredients can help aid us in the direction we are trying to go in, they are not completely mandatory to perform a powerful and potent spell.

Mind you, there are some ingredients you can make yourself, like moon water and certain native flowers and plants.

There is an entire sect of witchcraft called Intrinsic, or Energy magic. There are witches that practice magic completely on their own, in their mind, with no tools but their imagination and their personal energy.

Internal Energy to Cast Spells

So, let us cover some basics of energy magic and how you can cast love spells without ingredients of any sort.

Energy magic works fast, almost immediately, depending on the amount of energy used.

Internal Energy to Cast Spells

First, you must learn to tap into your personal energy reserve, or draw energy from another source.

  • The best way to do this in imagine a glowing light around you.

Personally, I recommend using some Tai Chi in the beginning to really help you tap into that reserve. Physical movement really helps with the visualization.

  • Once you’ve learned to summon your own energy, or ‘raise energy’ as the majority of the witchcraft community calls it, you can easily cast it wherever you see fit.

Some good things to help with visualization is to think of like Dragon Ball Z or Avatar the Last Airbender when imagining energy and how you manipulate it. Once you’ve got the hang of controlling energy, you’re reading to begin.

4 Love Spells Without Ingredients

Spell #1

The ritual will require the use of a more subtle, gentle energy. So try to imagine a color that soothes you when you summon the energy.

Love Spells Without Ingredients

  1. Charge the energy with your intention, which in this spell is to slowly create a shift in the way someone feels about you, or to slowly bring forward an underlying emotion.

It may require more than one ritual a week to keep a constant state of progress going, though.

  1. Once you’ve got your gentle, rolling energy charged and ready, send it out to your intended. This will work better if you are physically in the same room as them.
  2. Imagine your energy mingling with their aura, sticking to it, sticking to them and staying with them, slowly and subtly making them more affectionate towards you.

And that’s it! Pretty easy, right?

Ritual #2

The next spell is a little more violent.

Not in like the ‘punch someone in the face’ kind of violent, but in the sense that it is more direct and forceful than the previous spell.

It also requires you to touch or be close to a very personal item of your subject, preferably something they constantly wear on their person, such as a piece of jewelry.

love spell without ingredients ritual

  • This time, when you raise your energy, summon a large burst,
  • Imagine it being red or a bright pink color, something to provoke emotions and arousal.
  • You’ll want to hurtle it at your subject’s personal object, whatever it may be, sending it into the object.
  • Intend for it to awaken a deep, strong desire in your subject for you.

This spell should last for a few days to a week, depending on how much energy you use.

No Ingredient Love Spell #3

The third spell is not really so much of a spell. It is a shift in your own personal aura.

You can change your own energy to seem more soothing, more pleasant, more volatile, more fierce, more threatening, and to project any emotion or sense of being.

It’s a matter of learning how.

  • You can start by imagining colors in your energy, that helps tie certain emotions to your own energy, such as I mentioned in the previous two spells.
  • Then you can imagine your aura, your constant halo of light that is with you your whole life, and visualize your energy fueling it, flowing into it, changing it to project certain emotions into the air around you.

This can be used for so much more than a love spell.

  • Once you’ve summoned your energy, give it a soothing, comforting, pastel pink color.

Give it a purpose or intention, to make the people around you feel good about themselves, feel pleasant, content, calm and soothed.

Love Spell Instructions

To make them feel longing, affection, appreciated, to want to be loved and to love.

This may attract more than just your desired subject, however. So you may way to be careful when you decide the caliber of energy you charge your aura with.

Simple Love Spell That Work Without Ingredients #4

Another easy love spell is to create a sigil.

Draw it on your hand or arm, or paint on your backpack or scribble in the margins of your homework, or wherever.

Simple Love Spell That Work Without Ingredients

Sigils are a great tool because you can create any kind of shape you like.

  • it’s tailored specifically to your energy,
  • you get to pick out any intention at all to fill it with,
  • you can activate it with whatever method,
  • you can draw it anywhere.

The potential is limitless, really.

Love Spells Without Ingredients For Beginners

Energy magic has so much potential.

  1. You can easily write and create your own spells and rituals with just the use of your own energy. You only need to imagine it, visualize it, and manifest it.
  2. Every witch has to have a knowledge and be in practice when it comes to energy manipulation. It is a key part of every ritual and spell.

Unlike physical tools and ingredients, it is always necessary for magic to work.

However, for some, to rely solely on energy can be difficult, and it helps to have a tangible object for their practice.

This does not make them less of a witch for having tools and supplies.

All witches and their practices are valid, no matter their process.

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