Santeria Love Spells

A lot of witches have asked me in the past if it is possible to practice Santeria Love Spells, despite not being from the cultures that observe it.

To answer this question, I must first explain what Santeria is.

Santeria is often confused with Voodoo and Hoodoo.

Santeria vs Voodoo

While Voodoo and Santeria have vaguely similar roots, they are very different.

Voodoo is a practice that originated in Africa, while Santeria originated in Cuba.

Santeria Love Spells

While Cuba was indeed inspired by the religious traditions of Yoruba people that were brought there, or that passed through, they also have deep roots in Spanish Catholicism.

Santeria is primarily practiced in Mexico, Cuba and other areas in Central America.

It is a religion with a very rigorous and secretive initiation process, so that’s about all I know.

Santeria, like Voodoo, is a closed religion and is not open to outsiders that have not been initiated by the higher ups of the religion.

Another key difference between Voodoo and Santeria is that in Voodoo the process of calling on the Orishas is very different.

In Santeria they also incorporate a lot more Catholic flavors in their ceremonies, or so I have heard.

Santeria vs Hoodoo

Since Santeria is a closed religion that I am not really privy to, I can discuss what little comparisons I have between Hoodoo and Santeria, since they are also commonly confused.

Santeria vs Hoodoo

Santeria is a religion, and Hoodoo is a practice, much like Wicca is a religion and Witchcraft is a practice.

The two are not necessarily connected but can be used in conjunction with one another.

Santeria Love Spells? Practice Hoodoo Instead

All above being said, I will go through some of the more common Hoodoo practices in Santeria that I am aware of.

Many Hoodoo spells, in general, really do work.

Love spells have been known to use common ingredients found in your kitchen, such as spices, honey, sugar and syrup.

That makes these spells even easier to perform, and a lot more fun, in my opinion, when you don’t have to hunt all over the planet for a single ingredient.

I’ll get started with Santeria love spell with honey. It is a sweetening spell, for the purpose of sweetening up someone’s perception of or disposition towards you.

Ingredients and Supplies needed:

  • Honey
  • Syrup, corn or maple
  • Sugar, brown or white
  • A pink candle
  • A toothpick
  • A piece of paper
  • A Pen

Honey For Santeria Hoodoo Love Spell

Instructions for Spell 1:

  1. Take your candle and with the toothpick carve you and your subject’s full name into it.
  2. Light the candle to officially start the ritual.
  3. Write the full name of your subject on the piece of paper.
  4. Combine your honey, syrup and sugar in a bowl.
  5. Submerge the paper into the bowl.
  6. Chant the phrase, ‘Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, in the bowl, See me for my sweet, sweet soul. Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, in the pot, Fall for me and love me lots.’ Three times.
  7. When you’re done, bury the contents of the bowl either at a crossroads or in the yard of your subject.

Sugar spells are some of the most common spells in any magical practice, because of its noninvasive and non aggressive nature.

It’s a relatively peaceful spell that doesn’t intend to take away or overpower your subject’s free will, which is something that most witches see as being very important to having an ethical practice.

Hoodoo Love Spells Rituals

While the spells and rituals described here are attributed to Hoodoo, I’m sure that some form of general witchcraft spell with the same kind of ingredients exists.

Santeria Love Spell 2d Ritual

The next ritual, however, is more localized to Hoodoo or Santeria.

It involves creating an enchanted set of prayer beads or rosaries.

To make your own pagan prayer beads, you can also follow the early steps in the ritual below.

Ingredients and Supplies needed:

  • Four pillar candles or religious candles (the kinds with pictures of saints on them)
  • Rose quartz
  • Amethyst beads
  • Sinew or thread
  • A charm or cross
  • Sugar
  • Salt

Santeria Love Spells 2d Ritual

Instructions for Spell 2:

  1. Set your candles up to make a rectangle or a square.
  2. In the center of the square, make a circle of salt and sugar.
  3. Light the candles to begin the ritual
  4. Tie off one of the ends of sinew or thread.
  5. Start to bead the rose quartz and amethyst onto the thread/sinew. Both these gemstones have the ability to attract and promote feelings of love and peace.
  6. Once you reach a halfway point, thread the charm onto there.
  7. Finish threading the beads and then tie it to the knotted end.
  8. Singe the ends of the knot so that it will stay in place (for sinew only)
  9. Place the prayer beads in the center of the circle.
  10. Charge the beads with the purpose you wish for them to serve.
  11. When finished, wear them or carry them with you if you wish.

I personally have a few of my own handmade sets of pagan prayer beads for the few deities that I do involve in my craft on occasion.

It really does help, because you can always cleanse the beads and then charge them with new intentions.

They’re like a premade, instant talisman, just add energy.

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