Easy Spells to Break Up a Couple

Spells to break up a couple are raising the theme of ‘morally questionable’ rituals as discussed in Revenge Spells article.

Spells that break up a couple, married or not, is usually seen as a big no no among most witches. It comes regardless of their stance on cursing or other types of magic that falls under the ‘not white’ and ‘definitely black’ categories.

Which, again, is a misconception of the basic concept of energy manipulation and magic.

I’ve said it before

Witchcraft and magic is neither good nor bad.

It’s the user’s intentions that shape a spell or rituals’ purpose.

Spells to Break Up a Couple

That being said, it needs to be understood that a break up spell could very easily be performed for good intentions, such as getting a couple that has an abusive half or a cheating half to divorce or separate.

Not always are love spells to break up a married couple used with selfish intentions. So, as always, if this isn’t something you support, keep your prejudices to yourself. Judgment is not for you to pass.

Real Easy Spells to Break Up a Couple

Following are two examples of easy break up spell for a couple, married or not. Such spells sure work fast.

Keep in mind that I am writing these from the perspective of the above example, that one of the halves of the targeted relationship has been abusive, cheated, or done something detrimental or unforgivable.

Personally, I believe that if a spell like this is cast with the well being in mind of someone involved, it is not only acceptable, but also admirable.

Whether or not these spells will 100% work for purely selfish reasons, such as just breaking a perfectly happy married couple up because you can or because you want to sleep with one of them?

Obviously, I can’t say that that is unacceptable or morally cruel. But I can say that my spells aren’t really designed for that kind of use.

Let’s get started!

Remember, as always, that with these kinds of spells one must have really good control over their energy and be crystal clear with your intentions, otherwise the spell could have some negative adverse effects.

Spell to Break Up a Couple Using a Poppet

This first spell is based off of an ancient Hellenic, or Greek, legend of the Three Fates (You know the ones. They have one eye that they share between them, and they each handle a different aspect of destiny.)

And how Atropos is the one who cuts the red thread of life.

Spells to Break Up a Couple Using a Poppet

The story goes that some people have red threads of fate tied between them, so that in some way they are destined to always be together or at the very least, be present in one another’s life.

The idea behind this couple break-up spell is to cut the thread connecting your two subjects.

It’s a relatively easy spell with minimal supplies, though powerful.

Ingredients and Supplies Needed:

  • Two straw or felt poppets/dolls
  • A red thread
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie

Instructions for Break Up Ritual:

  1. Take your sharpie and write the full names of your subjects on the poppets. One on each doll. These are to represent your couple, so try to picture them clearly in your mind as you do this.
  2. Hold the red thread in your palm and visualize that it represents the bonds, good and bad, between the couple. All their memories, their love, their time together, their wishes for the future. Charge the thread with this energy.
  3. Tie one end of the thread around the first doll and the other end of the thread around the second doll. Make sure there is a good length between them.
  4. Take your scissors and hold them in the palm of your hand. Visualize their bond being severed, that they will leave one another for the betterment of both parties, and that the break up will be clean and no permanent damage will be done. Charge the scissors with this energy.
  5. Now use the scissors to cut the thread that ties the two together. Imagine that the thread goes dark like a burnt out light bulb, that the bond is dead and has been cut.
  6. Bury one doll in the far left corner of your back yard.
  7. Bury the other doll in the far right corner of your front yard.
  8. Burn the red thread. Bury the ashes in a flower pot or scatter them to the wind.

Spell to Break Up a Married Couple Using Candles

This next one is also very easy and simple and involves candles.

Spell to Break Up a Married Couple Using Candles

Ingredients or Supplies needed:

  • Two Pillar Candles, preferably black or red.
  • Toothpick
  • Two pieces of paper
  • Pen


  1. On one piece of paper write the full name on half the couple. On the other piece of paper, write the full name of the other half of the couple.
  2. With the toothpick, carve the name of half the couple on one candle. Repeat with the name of the other half on the second candle.
  3. Charge the candles with an energy that represents each subject.
  4. Charge the pieces of paper that represents each subject.
  5. Light the candles.
  6. On the candle with the first half of the couple, burn the paper with the name of the second half of the couple. Imagine that their love and connections with that person are burning away.
  7. Repeat number six with the other candle and other paper.
  8. Let the candles burn down.
  9. Bury the leftover wax and the ashes from the papers.

Remember to perform self care after doing any spell casting! Take care of yourself!

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