Symptoms of a Spell

Sometimes it’s quite useful to recognize symptoms of a spell.

To have a spell placed on you can be either very very good, or very very bad. Especially in the case of a spell fueled by strong emotions.

If you know a witch, best not to upset her.

However, the initial first signs and symptoms of having a spell put on you may not be very dramatic, or even noticeable, in the beginning stages of the spell’s effects.

symptoms of a spell

Depending on the spell, there are tell tale signs, however, and I hope to help you identify them below.

Obviously, I cannot cover every single kind of spell because the possibilities are endless. However,

I will try to cover the two most important ones that could have negative effects, regardless of original intention: curse spells and love spells.

Symptoms of a Spell

Curse Spells

Curses are the equivalent of a witch’s attack mode, or their sword.

They will use this to lash out, to seek justice, if need be.

Curses come in many shapes and sizes, so it is virtually impossible to pinpoint any specific set of symptoms for all curses.

However, we can assume that most curses will probably be geared towards getting even.

In fact, most witches refuse to curse, and those who do curse often will only curse if they

  • have a very good reason,
  • a dire or extreme need,
  • are in a very bad situation.

Curse Spell Symptoms

There is only about 0.01 percent of witches who curse people just for fun.

That’s because in mainstream witchcraft people are heavily influenced by Wiccan teachings that have been assimilated into the community’s way of thinking.

So even if they aren’t Wiccan, many witches will have the subconscious belief and considerations in the ideas of ‘law of return’ and ‘three fold law’.

It means where if they send something negative out into the world, it will come back to bite them, or it will be cast back on them three times as strong.

If Some Cast a Spell On You

If, despite all that, you do find yourself suspecting that you have had a curse or a bad spell put on you, you should probably consider this:

have you done anything negative to anyone lately? Especially someone you may suspect practices witchcraft or some kind of magical practice?

Symptoms for a justice curse could include

  • feeling suddenly ill,
  • feeling suddenly depressed,
  • or a major amount of self loathing,
  • things suddenly going wrong no matter what you do,
  • a string of unfortunate events occurring out of nowhere.

feeling sick as symptom of a spell cast on you

Other symptoms could include physical ailments with no apparent cause, such as

  • nausea,
  • headaches,
  • migraines,
  • vomiting,
  • aches,
  • pains,
  • random bruises or scratches, etc.

It’s important to note here that

any injury cannot automatically be attributed to witchcraft.

I mean that only if you are usually very very healthy and you have been checked over by a doctor who has said that they cannot find any initial cause for your sickness or pain.

Symptoms of Being Under a Good Spell

But, of course, not all spells are bad.

Some people suddenly get very lucky, and this could be because some nice witch somewhere cast a prosperity spell on them.

Symptoms of Being Under a Good Spell

Or, say, someone starts to feel more self confidence or starts to finally see themselves as beautiful.

Again, a nice witch could have cast a glamour on them.

Love Spell Symptoms

Suddenly you start to feel all giddy inside when you think about a specific person, well, you could attribute that to symptoms of a love spell put on you.

Symptoms or signs of this having occurred could include

  • suddenly feeling happier than usual around just one certain person,
  • feeling the need to always be around that person,
  • feelings of obsession,
  • being unable to stop thinking about a person,
  • or even the nagging sensation that something big is really missing from your life
  • when you think of this random person that sensation goes away.

Symptoms of a Spell: Notice to Beginners

It’s really difficult to talk about just ‘symptoms of having a spell cast on you’ because the possibility for this is limitless.

Say, a witch chooses to cast a spell that’s intention is to cause someone to feel overly happy for no particular reason.

The symptoms for that would be that the person becomes really happy for no particular reason.

Alternatively, if the witch is angry at someone, they may cast a spell to have that person apologize.

Things that are seemingly normal could often be attributed to witchcraft. But if we walk around constantly wondering if someone has cast a spell on us, that can often interfere with our day to day lives and our enjoyment of our life as a whole.

So, if you want my opinion, I would say that chances are you are not suffering from the effects of a curse. Thus it is best not to read too much into things and to just take things as they come.

As I said, suspecting witchcraft of every little emotion or event in your life will just drive you to the breaking point and make you extremely paranoid.

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