White Magic Love Spells

A simple online search will show you hundreds, if not thousands, of results for white magic love spells that work or white magic in general.

Lots of witches and curious individuals, in general, want to know ‘do white love spells really work?’

But I want to start off with explaining how the misconception of an existence of magic being black and white is not only false, but also racist.

White Magic Love Spells vs Black

‘Black’ magic has its roots in Africa, and is often seen as dark, evil and negative magic that causes harm, destruction and involves the sacrifice of animals.

White Magic Love Spells vs Black

Meanwhile ‘White’ magic has its roots in Europe, and is known as good, positive and healing magic that has no flaws and is perfect in every way.

Can you see where I am going with this? To call a magic with centuries of history based in a culture that has been hunted and oppressed ‘black’ and ‘dark’ sounds like racist.

There is no ‘white’ or ‘black’ magic.

Magic itself is not inherently good or bad.

‘Black’ magic is simply a style of witchcraft that focuses more on an attack or offensive strategy, while ‘white’ magic is basically a defensive style of magic.

love magic white spells heart

If you want to call them anything, you could call ‘black’ magic ‘baneful’ or ‘chaotic’ magic, and you could call ‘white’ magic ‘protective’ or ‘defensive’ magic.

This way you are still addressing the specific style of magic without bringing race and centuries of genocide and racism into your craft. That is a very negative thing, and I highly recommend it be avoided.

2 White Magic Love Spells Rituals That Work

Let’s go over some defensive style magical rituals and spells for attracting love, or for bringing underlying emotions forward.

This first spell will be pretty hands on. It’s easy, really works, and works fast.

It’s also very kinetic, and for people who work better with things they can touch, and things that are tangible, this will be a spell that does wonders for you!

Ingredients or Supplies needed:

sand for ritual

  • A bowl or tray
  • Sand
  • Full moon water
  • A small glass or stone in the shape of a heart

Instructions for 1st Ritual:

  1. Hold the heart in the palm of your hand and imagine a gentle pink energy flow out of your palm and into the heart. Visualize this energy will awake sleeping affections in your subject.
  2. Place the heart in the bottom of the bowl or tray.
  3. Pour a small amount of full moon water into your sand until it is able to be molded.
  4. Pour your wet sand into the bowl over the heart.
  5. Shape the sand into the basic form of a human.
  6. Saying your subject’s full name four times, uncover just a little bit of the sand that is over the heart, just enough so that the heart peeks out from the sand. Imagine that this is this actual act of bringing forward and uncovering subconscious and underlying affections and love in your subject’s heart, specifically, for you.
  7. You can either keep the contents in a jar under your bed or bury the contents in your back yard.

The Second White Magic Love Spell

This next one is a really simple talisman charm.

Some people have unknowingly cast this spell!

Remember to channel your energy with the correct emotions and intentions.

This is a really good ritual/spell for a beginner, and it gives you a good excuse to wear a pretty piece of jewelry.

I, for one, absolutely love locket necklaces.

White Magic Love Spell

You can charge this spell with one of two purposes:

  • to attract the person to you,
  • or to awaken subconscious affects and emotions that they may already have.

It could also be used to bring two people closer together, like a binding spell.

Ingredients and Supplies needed:

  • A Locket
  • A small photo of you
  • A small photo of your subject
  • A pink gel pink

Instructions for 2d Ritual:

  1. Take the locket and hold it in the palm of your hands.
  2. Imagine a gentle, pink light flowing from your heart down to your hands and out of your palms, into the locket, charging it with your intention to attract that person’s affections and love.
  3. Take the photo of yourself and write your full name on the back. Put it on the left side of the locket.
  4. Take the photo of your subject and write their full name on the back. Put it on the right side of the locket.
  5. Close the locket and charge it again, this time saying out loud what you wish to happen.
  6. Wear the locket as often as you can, close to your heart.

Notice to Beginners

As always, the important thing to do when performing rituals and casting white magic love spells is to believe that it will work.

White Magic Love Spells

Your faith will make the energy you pour into the spell more potent, therefore more likely for it to really work.

This spell should take effect within 24 hours, but it is a subtle spell. So no drastic results may be present for a few weeks.

Try starting conversations with your subject regularly, and spending time with them when at all possible.

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