Wiccan Money Spells

Wiccan money spells might be really helpful for many of us.

  • Many of us dream of being able to afford a one bedroom apartment and being able to pay bills on time.
  • Going out to eat once a month is a really big deal.
  • On the rare occasion we can afford to buy something like a videogame or a movie, it’s like a holiday.

So, as one might imagine, money is kind of what our worlds revolve around. The struggle to make ends meet is our entire lives.

When we aren’t working to make money, we are worrying about money and how we can make more. It is a constant battle.

Traditional and Neo Wicca

So my focus here is money spells, specifically Neo Wiccan Money spells.

Traditional Wicca is considered a closed religion since you have to be initiated into the religion by a priest or priestess.

Traditional and Neo Wicca

But personally I think that’s fine because Traditional Wicca is incredibly problematic anyway.

Neo Wicca is a lot more relaxed and respectful of closed cultures. It still has a long way to come, of course, but still. It’s better than traditional.

Anyway, Neo Wiccan beliefs include things like calling the elements or ‘quarters’, invoking the spirit, the threefold law, the law of return, and so on.

So, generally speaking,

if you send out good energy, good energy will eventually find its way back to you.

Just a good thing to keep in mind and consider before performing these spells or rituals.

Wiccan Money Spells

Perhaps one of the easiest and simple Wiccan money spells that actually works is the candle spell.

Ritual #1

As far as ingredients and supplies go, you will need

  • four green pillar candles,
  • a toothpick,
  • salt,
  • bay leaves.

Wiccan Money Spells bay leaf

Instructions for the Ritual

  1. Make a square with the candles, and
  2. Inside the square make a ring of salt.
  3. Along the ring, spread the bay leaves.
  4. Light your candles to begin the ritual.
  5. Call the four elements to join you and aid you in your ritual.
  6. Summon the spirit from deep inside of you and use that energy to charge the candles.

Now, every time you burn those candles in the future, they will attract good fortune and financial success.

After you’re done, take a bath with rosemary and bay leaves to cleanse yourself.

Ritual #2

One of my favorite money spells is a simple charm bag.

Ingredients and Supplies

  • a piece of green thread

Green Cloth for Wiccan Money Spells

On a green square of cloth, I combine

  • bay leaves,
  • basil,
  • rosemary,
  • malachite,
  • green aventurine,
  • tigers eye,
  • a 5 yen coin or a dime,
  • your full name on a piece of paper.


  1. Fold the cloth in on itself to make a bundle
  2. Tie it off with a piece of green thread.
  3. Place the charm bag in your pillowcase. It attracts not only money but also new job opportunities and good luck and fortune in general.

You can also easily enchant objects to help you in your struggle for financial stability. .

Keeping a charged dime, 5 yen coin, malachite crystal or bay leaf in your wallet will attract money to you and increase your chance of being given or of finding money.

Money Spell Using Dime Coin

You can easily enchant or charge your favorite piece of jewelry, gemstones especially are good for this, to attract good fortune, luck and money to you.

You could also charge certain foods or drinks before you consume them.

Wiccan Money Spells Ritual #3

A more complex ritual to create a money attracting talisman would include ingredients and supplies:

  • four green candles,
  • a bowl of full moon water,
  • a goose feather,
  • a malachite crystal,
  • a ring of salt,
  • the object you wish to enchant.

full moon water for wiccan money spells

It helps if you carve a handmade sigil into the sigils.

  1. Position the candles into a square.
  2. Put the water, feather and crystal in a triangle inside the square.
  3. Make the ring of salt in the center of the triangle.
  4. In the middle of all these objects, place your intended charm or object that is to be enchanted and become a talisman.
  5. Light the candles.
  6. Call the four elements, as well as raise the energy from within you to represent the element of spirit. You can involve whatever deities you wish, too, if that is how you choose to work.
  7. Then use all the combined energy and either speaking aloud or making up a chant, charge the object with that energy.
  8. When the ritual is over, remember to dismiss the elements and the deities and thank them, as well as store your ritual supplies properly and responsibly.

A ritual bath for post spell care may also be in order.

Wear your new talisman whenever you can to help promote financial success and monetary gain!

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