Wish Spells

Wish spells are some of the easiest rituals or spells you can perform, as many of them do not require very many ingredients or supplies, just your intentions and energy.

In fact, things as simple as making a wish when blowing out your birthday candles could be considered a ‘birthday candle’ wish, if your intentions, emotions and energy and channeled properly.

Perhaps, by charging the candles with your energy before lighting them. Wishing spells can work instantly and be very powerful, all that is needed is for you to channel your energy and charge a talisman.

Wish Spells Examples

This first spell doesn’t involve any ingredients, or supplies other than a bay leaf, and your concentration. It’s even performed without candles.

Bay Leaf Wish Spell Without Candles

Ingredients and Supplies needed:

  • A Bay Leaf, the fresher the better

Wish Spells bay leaf


  • Take the Bay leaf in the palm of your hand.
  • Focus and concentrate your intentions and purposes. Keep the image in your mind of what you want to happen, of what your wish or dream is that you would like the bay leaf to help become a reality.
  • Visualize a bright white light flowing through your body. Imagine it and see it traveling from your heart, through the palms of your hands and into the bay leaf.
  • Charge the bay leaf with your energy and your intentions.
  • Tell it your wish out loud.
  • Place the bay leaf in your pillowcase.
  • Don’t tell anyone else what you wished for.
  • Now, go take a ritual bath with bay leaves, rosemary and lavender.

Wish Spells Using Full Moon, Sun, or Stars

The most powerful wish spells should be performed in a Full Moon, as the Full Moon is representative of abundance and is known for its ability to make dreams come true.

Full Moon Spells

One of the most common rituals involved asking the Full Moon to help grant a wish is called Drawing Down the Moon, and is a ceremony where a witch links their own personal energy with that of the moon and shares energy back and forth, forming a bond and then making a request.

A popular ingredient in many wishing spells is Full Moon Water, a pure form of water charged under the Full Moon.

Full Moon Water

Stars are also used commonly in wishing spells, and therefore by association, the Sun, could probably be pretty good at helping grant wishes, too.

The best time of the day to perform a wish spell with the power of the sun would be around noon, when the sun is right above you and is at its brightest.

Another popular subject for making wishes on is the Comet, or Shooting Star, where one simply makes a wish upon seeing it. It may just be a superstition, but it has some weight to it.

Using objects in space in your magic is actually a very popular sect of witchcraft called Stellar Witchcraft or Space Magic.

Wish Spells With Cat

One animal that is associated with making wishes come true is the cat.

Cats are representative of mystical powers and witchcraft, and often can be teamed up with to make a spell stronger.

Cat magic is a really popular niche in witchcraft and those of us witches who have cats do have lots of interesting stories involving our little fur babies helping us with our rituals (or just making a huge mess of things).

Wish Spells and Cats

This next ritual involves using the power of the cat to help make a wish come true.

Ingredients or Supplies needed:

  • Cat hair, any color
  • Catnip
  • White candle
  • Toothpick


  1. With your toothpick, sum up and carve your wish in one or two words onto the candle.
  2. Place your catnip and cat hair on the candle near the wick. (a candle in a glass jar works well for this because you can just drop them in)
  3. Light the candle and make sure it burns up the hair and herbs.
  1. Chant,
‘Cat mint, Cat fur, let the magic within you stir. In the candle’s glowing light, let your power burn bright. Cat hair, Catnip, now the wish is in my grip.’

(or you could always make up your own chant!)

  1. Let the candle burn down.

catnip for wish spells

Wish Spells for Beginners

Popular wish spells that are pretty well known are things such as breaking the wishbone from a chicken or turkey, making a wish on a coin and then tossing it into a fountain or a well, wishing on a star or comet, and so on.

There are almost as many superstitions about wishes as there are about getting good luck, but don’t forget,

superstitions are often rooted in truth and older traditions involving magic.

So, you could very much use them in modern day ritual or spell form to help you achieve your desires.

Just remember, though, that even saying something out loud can become a spell, with the right amount of energy channeling into it. So no ritual or spell is ever to simple or to complex to work or not work.

Anything is possible.

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